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Coconut Macaroon Ice Cream Pie

Ok…who is ready for a frozen treat? The summer season is still here, so I think it is time to indulge in some cool deliciousness. Today, the sweet dessert I’m sharing is a mash up of two of my favorites…melded together to create a coconut macaroon ice cream pie!

coconut macaroon ice cream pie

For those of you who don’t know me, there is something important to know right off the bat: frozen yogurt and ice cream are essential elements in my life. I’m incapable of ending my day without indulging in at least a few bites of creamy dessert goodness, ESPECIALLY during these steamy, humid months. But here’s the thing: sometimes JUST a bowl of ice cream won’t cut it for me. Sometimes I want more. Enter: my second dessert obsession. Coconut macaroons. There is something so wonderful about a toasty, sweet, and slightly chewy coconut macaroon. Extra points if it also includes chocolate in some way. You may have seen them before: I happen to have a favorite toasty coconut macaroon recipe, drizzled with chocolate!

coconut macaroon ice cream pie

Now for the kicker: smash my two favorite desserts together and you get a coconut macaroon ice cream pie! I mean, who can resist cookies and ice cream together? When I first created this pie in my kitchen, I was worried it wouldn’t work as well as I imagined it in my head. However, the crunchy yet chewy cookie crust paired with the creamy ice cream (and whipped topping) is definitely delicious. I couldn’t help but cut extra large slices for myself. Oops. The pie was demolished in record time…but I can’t say I was surprised about it.

coconut macaroon ice cream pie

The nice part about this pie is that it is completely customizable. I used vanilla frozen yogurt for mine, but a different flavor combination could be just as awesome! I’m thinking a chocolate ice cream version would be pretty delectable, or maybe even my current favorite flavor: pistachio. You could even use the macaroon batter to create individual sized pies if you prefer. Oh, the possibilities! I hope you think about trying this out for yourself if you happen to be a macaroon enthusiast like myself – you won’t be sorry…

Do you have a favorite pairing/mash up for your ice cream?

coconut macaroon ice cream pie

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