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Chocolate Ganache Macarons

Ohhhh macarons: how I adore you!

Why do these little beauties melt in your mouth so perfectly? Why are they such an amazing cookie? Why do they cause me so much anxiety each time I attempt to make them? I mean, they are completely worth it when the end result is the chocolatey amazingness I have to share today.

It’s funny how these little treats have become such a special item in our home. Admittedly, I stress out a little bit each time I put a batch in the oven. I know that not all of my shells will turn out perfectly, but hey: that’s life. However, when the shells do come out with a frilly foot and can be filled with something delicious (this time: chocolate ganache), I am over the moon. It is honestly hard to bring myself to share them.

chocolate ganache macarons

I have to laugh at the fact that my husband actually requests these for a treat. Before we met, I doubt he could even pronounce the name. But he’s been sucked into the awesomeness of the cookie, what can I say?

chocolate ganache macarons

Now that I’m home for a few weeks, the opportunity to put some time and love into a batch of macarons is definitely a plus. I can spend a little bit of time in the late morning/afternoon to prepare and assemble…and can despair by myself if they fall flat.

What is your favorite flavor of macaron to enjoy?

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If you’re looking for some other macaron flavors…I’ve also made a Chocolate Coconut version, as well as a Chocolate with Kahlua Buttercream (clearly, I like chocolate a lot…)!



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