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Chicken Pot Pie “Stew Soup” Recipe

As the temperatures cool down here this fall, there is a type of dish I start whipping up regularly: SOUP! I can’t get enough of soup, and I am always looking for new recipes to try out…for a bit of variety, you know! Today, I wanted to create a soup that reminded me of a classic dish: chicken pot pie. I know, I could just keep things simple and make the darn pie like normal, but a brothier soup version was calling my name. And here it is: chicken pot pie “stew soup.”

The chicken pot pie stew soup (named that way because it is slightly thicker than a brothy soup…it reminds me of stew) is easy to make in your kitchen, thankfully!

It reminds me of chicken pot pie…without the crust. However, you could definitely pair a bowl of the soup with a fresh biscuit or crusty slice of bread. Yum! Plus, it doesn’t take very much time to make. If you aren’t in the mood to wait for a chicken pot pie to bake in the oven, this recipe for chicken pot pie “stew soup” might just be right up your alley. Try it out!

Chicken Pot Pie Stew Soup

Chicken Pot Pie "Stew Soup" Recipe
  • 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, grilled (or fully cooked in some way) and chopped into bite-size pieces
  • 3 cups low sodium chicken broth
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 lbs red skinned potatoes, cooked and chopped
  • 1 cup frozen green peas
  • 1 cup diced carrots
  • 3 tbsp all-purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp Italian seasoning (basil, oregano, thyme, etc.)
  1. Heat a large stock pot to medium-high. Bring 2½ cups of the chicken broth and the bay leaves to a boil. Add the chopped potatoes and carrots (if you are using fresh - if you are using frozen, add the carrots with the peas), then cover the pot and cook for 8-10 minutes. Next, stir in the frozen peas, then cover and cook for 2 more minutes. Then, add the cooked chicken (chopped into small pieces).
  2. Combine the remaining ½ cup of chicken broth with the 3 tbsp of flour, then stir into the potato mixture. Reduce heat to medium and cook for about 5 minutes, until soup is bubbly and thick.
  3. Remove the bay leaves and add the Italian seasoning; allow mixture to cook for 2 more minutes before serving.
  4. Serve your chicken pot pie stew soup with a fresh biscuit or bread. Enjoy!


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  • This is such a fantastic idea! I love when recipe favorites are remade into slightly different forms, and this one sounds like a winner. I hope you’ll consider submitting it for this month’s Shine Supper Club. (The theme is one-pot meals.)

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