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Butterfly Cupcakes

Uh oh: it seems I am on a cupcake spree this week. It’s true though. I just can’t get enough of the frosted sweet goodness. And, yet again, this particular recipe is easy to create. It is simple enough to make with children as well.

butterfly cupcakes

I really love the bright and happy vibe these butterfly cupcakes give off. They instantly bring a smile to my face, and the flavor combination works well. Salty and sweet, anyone? I can never resist the two together. They can be great for a party, or just for a regular day that needs a bit of sunshine. Right?

butterfly cupcakes

If butterflies aren’t your thing, you could probably opt for a more creepy crawly creature…I’m thinking you could nix the wings, arrange the M&Ms in a squiggly line, and add more rope candy as legs on the side of each M&M. Hmmm…I think I see another cupcake project forming right now…

But now for the important question: would you opt for a panda cupcake or a butterfly one?

butterfly cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes


Cupcakes (your favorite flavor)

White/vanilla frosting

Mini M&Ms

Small twist pretzels

Red rope candy (like Twizler Pull & Peel)


1. Evenly frost the top of a cupcake with the white frosting. Arrange a line of mini M&Ms in a straight line down the center of the cupcake to create the body of the butterfly. I recommend selecting one color for the head, and alternating other colors for the body.

2. Carefully snap the bottom loop section off of two pretzels to create the wings. Place the pretzels on either side of the M&Ms, angled up and slightly outwards.

3. Finally, use a pair of kitchen shears to cut rope candy strands into strands about 1/4 inch long and place two pieces above the head to make the antennae.

4. Repeat the decoration process with all of the cupcakes. Serve immediately, or place in the refrigerator to store; enjoy!


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