A Wear to Work Look with Almay

It’s the start of yet another work week….are you ready?

It has been a little over 2 months since I traded in my work-at-home style for the new gig. For a gal who enjoys selecting wardrobe pieces in the morning, it’s been a nice change to be forced out of my uniform of yoga pants and tee shirts into a more professional look. However, that does not mean I am thrilled about the process of getting ready every day. Thank goodness I’m a morning person! I actually don’t wake up any earlier than I did when I was working from home (yes, I still woke up before 6am even when I didn’t have to go in to an office. I’m very strange.), but now my morning is devoted to showering, hair styling, and makeup before running out the door.

I am always looking for tips, tricks, and products that will allow me to speed up my beauty routine in the morning. I always aim to look put together, but not made over. Professional, polished, and natural is the goal. Today, I wanted to share a video tutorial, courtesy of Almay and Kate from The Small Things blog. She’s sharing a few affordable and approachable makeup products to help you look put together for a work day – enjoy!

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