Phebus Torrontes: wine that won’t break the bank

Today I thought I’d dive into a new type of post here on the blog. I want to begin with a small disclaimer: I am not a wine expert. I am simply a consumer of wine and I absolutely love the experience that wine gives you. I love sampling new flavors, discovering new bottles, and learning what dishes are the perfect pairing for them. And, just like my style…I don’t think that you need to break the bank to have something great. There are so many amazing wines out there that are affordably priced, so I thought I’d begin to share some of the ones I’ve sampled. And – none of them are over $20 in price…I only spend more than that on bottles of wine for special occasions.

Phebus Torrontes wine

First up: Phebus Torrontes. It is a white wine from Argentina, and I love it for the summer months. I’ve become a fan of wines from Argentina lately – from Malbecs to Torrontes (which is the signature grape of Argentina).

The Phebus Torrontes is a dry wine that is light and crisp in flavor, with citrus and subtle floral notes. It is not aged in oak, which is a feature I very much like (personally I’m not a fan of oak flavors in my wine). I’d venture a guess that if you enjoy Sauvignon Blancs, you’ll be a fan of Torrontes. I like pairing this wine with spicier dishes like stir frys (and maybe some lettuce cups as well). It is also delicate enough in flavor to pair with seafood dishes. Lots of options!

Phebus Torrontes wine

And the price, you ask? The Phebus Torrontes will only set you back $9.99 at Total Wine. This Torrontes will definitely make an appearance frequently in our home as a house wine for the summer months. Give it a try…I’m a fan of this one!

Cheers, and happy Friday everyone!

Have you tried a Torrontes wine before? Would you like to?



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  • I’ve never heard of Torrontes wines before, but I love sampling new ones. This one sounds right up my alley, since like you I tend to prefer my whites to be aged in steel rather than oak!

    • I am right there with you! I always have to pass on wines that are oaked or buttery…I like mine light and fresh…but not overly sweet! Gosh…I’m a tough customer… 😉

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