La Vuelta Unoaked Chardonnay 2012: wine that won’t break the bank

So…who is going to sit back tonight, turn on some scary movies, make (or pick up) a pizza, have a glass of wine, and greet trick or treaters as they ring your doorbell?

I’m pretty sure that is what my evening is going to look like tonight. I already have plans to turn on the Halloween marathon running on AMC – I feel like you have to watch a bit of Michael Myers on Halloween at some point every year, right? Specifically: Halloween and Halloween II. They’re my favorite.

La Vuelta Unoaked Chardonnay

Anyway, I will be tempted to pour myself a glass of this La Vuelta Unoaked Chardonnay tonight to pair with my meal (which could very well be pizza if I don’t get my act together by this afternoon). This is an affordable find I recently acquired, and it was a pleasant surprise.

La Vuelta Unoaked Chardonnay hails from Mendoza, Argentina. The flavors in this wine are crisp and fresh, but is medium bodied. It has a great price point of only $9.99 at Total Wine as well, so it’s easy on the wallet. When it comes to chardonnay, I definitely lean to unoaked varieties much more than those with oak or buttery flavor, so the La Vuelta is definitely right up my alley. It’s yet another good wine to have on hand for “everyday” use, if you will!

Are you a fan of unoaked chardonnay?

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  • My family isn’t passing out candies tonight, but we did carve some pumpkins and attended a Halloween Party early. I think I’m gonna have to check that wine out. It wouldn’t hurt to have a cheaper wine on hand on any given day, especially since we just built a wine cabinet and there’s no wine in it yet!

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