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Lovely Tonight: The “Typical” Traditions

In the midst of the dance party, we were informed by the DOC that it was time to cut the cake! Um,¬† yes please! Since everyone was already on the dance floor, they walked a few steps over to the cake to watch (and get a slice of the goodness)! Justin and I had to consult with one another on our game plan. No…wait…lets be honest: I told him what to do.

“Be careful…don’t ruin the pretty lace design. Don’t cut too big of a slice. And don’t cut too small of a slice – I want a considerable piece of that cake!”

After a little bit of finagling, we managed to get a slice of the bottom layer – chocolate Kahlua creme! Drool. There hadn’t been any conversation about whether or not we would smash cake in each others’ faces; we both knew that we didn’t want to. Boring, I know. So, we fed each other a small bite of cake and then allowed the Carlouel staff to begin slicing up my beautiful masterpiece of a cake (single tear) for our guests. I might have snuck in a few extra bites before they could get their hands on it though…I was starving!

When it came to some of the “typical traditions” like the bouquet and garter tosses, I wasn’t exactly on board for them. When we originally drafted our guest list, it seemed as though there wouldn’t be many single folks attending. However, as time went by and the guest list morphed slightly, we realized that there might be more single attendees than originally expected! So, in a last minute time line adjustment, we added them!

Up first, a little bit of Devo’s “Whip It” for the bouquet toss!


It looks like BM L caught the bouquet!

Then, it was time for a music change, as it was Justin’s turn to remove the garter! He selected this particular tune:



And, to give you an idea of how rowdy it really was…here’s a really short clip. Listen to everyone hooting and hollering! Sheesh. Also – can we say “paparazzi?!?”


Grandma had to look in to see what all the ruckus was about!

It was a little more difficult to get the single guys out on the floor for the garter toss than the ladies. Go figure. Some of them had to be physically coerced.

…annnnd it was tossed onto the floor, as none of the men were willing to catch it. Thanks a lot guys! However, it did land in between the feet of my friend J’s boyfriend, so he was a good sport and claimed the garter.

Let’s go you two!!!

Now that the single folks had had their fun, it was time to turn the spot light over to the married couples!

What are your feelings on the “typical traditions” at a reception? Did you want to include them?

*photos courtesy of Pilster Photography*


The girls got ready, then the guys got ready.

I became a bride, but our first look wasn’t what I’d hoped.

We took some photos alone and then with our bridal party.

Everyone hopped on the trolley and we took some family portraits before my cake arrived.

I gathered myself before the ceremony, our bridal party made their way down the aisle, and I followed afterward.

Our ceremony began with some readings and ended with a handfasting ceremony.

My ‘maids helped me adjust my bustle and we entered the cocktail hour.

We had fun in the photo booth then took some photos on the water.

We made our grand entrance, shared our first dance, and then danced with our parents.

Toasts were made, food was eaten, and a sunset was enjoyed.

I shared all the little details, and then the dance party got started!


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  • Looks like such a fun party! We didn’t do the garter/bouquet toss. I was afraid I didn’t have enough single people in attendance to be able to fill the floor!

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