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Lovely Tonight: Striking a Pose with the Bridal Party

Now that Justin and I had spent a significant amount of time taking photos together, we thought it would be nice to add our bridal party into the mix!

Justin and the groomsmen jumped on the elevator to take some manly photos…

Aren’t they a handsome bunch?

Meanwhile, the girls took the stairs instead…

Aren’t we pretty? I’m biased, I know.

We moved over to the part of the lobby with the gorgeous paintings again. It was at this point that people in the hotel began to notice us. Up until this moment, we had a few people gawk at the bridal party as they made their way through the lobby, but no one had said anything. Then, a few came out of the woodwork. A man walked up to me and asked for a hug, then told me that he and his wife were at the hotel celebrating their 10 year anniversary that weekend. He told me that he hoped that Justin and I enjoyed a long and successful marriage like the two of them. How sweet!

Then we encountered another exuberant hotel guest. She was walking through as the bridesmaids and I were posing, and she immediately started yelling – “oh my GOSH! You are so gorgeous! Where is the groom?!?! Where is the groom!??!” I shyly looked down and giggled a bit…

The woman continued to ask where my groom was, and we pointed him out to her. She then proceeded to get his attention as we looked on…

When she managed to get Justin’s attention, she yelled out to him: “you are SO LUCKY! Look at her! Just look at her! You better realize how lucky you are!” Well, that pretty much made me throw my head back in laughter.

At that point, we thought we’d get the entire bridal party together for a few shots. Groomsman J decided to be a bit goofy, however. This is only a small preview of what was to come later on in the day…

Ah, now that’s better…let’s get serious…

…but I will leave you with a smile of course!

At this point, we were informed that our ride to the venue had arrived! It was time to pack it up and hop on the trolley!


The girls got ready, then the guys got ready.

I became a bride, but our first look wasn’t what I’d hoped.

We took some photos alone.


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