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Lovely Tonight: My Walk Down the Aisle

Everyone but my dad and I had made it down the aisle. It was time to join everyone else and get this show on the road!

And guess what? One of our fabulous wedding guests, K, was kind enough to send me the ceremony video she shot on her iPhone. Since we didn’t have a videographer, it is lovely to be able to catch a glimpse of some live action!

For my walk down the aisle, I selected the song “In These Arms,” by The Swell Season. A friend of mine edited the song so it sounded perfect (I only wanted the chorus of the song to play, as well as the musical interludes).

Click on the video below to hear how the song turned out/scroll along with the photos. It isn’t much to watch, but my entrance is at the 1:00 mark.


I’m sure that our guests were waiting in suspense for my entrance…I purposely wanted there to be a bit of a gap between the bridal party’s walk down the aisle and my own. I will admit – during my planing, I thought that 45 seconds didn’t seem like a very long time…but on the day of the wedding it seemed like that 45 seconds dragged on for 10 minutes! Was it time yet?!? I stood behind the doors with my dad, waiting for our cue…

My mom was waiting in suspense for my entrance as well!

When the right moment arrived, our DOC opened the double doors for me, and my dad and I were clear to proceed!

Here goes nothing…(P.S. don’t you love the poofs of baby’s breath that my florist attached to the chairs situated on the aisle? It was a simple and inexpensive concept, and I loved the results!)

I attempted to walk slowly down the aisle, but I found myself rushing ever so slightly. I was excited after spotting my groom waiting for me, darn it!!!

Justin was waiting patiently at the end of the aisle for me to arrive.

We all waited for the last notes of the processional song to die out…

It was time for me to marry my man…

*all photos courtesy of Pilster Photography*


The girls got ready, then the guys got ready.

I became a bride, but our first look wasn’t what I’d hoped.

We took some photos alone and then with our bridal party.

Everyone hopped on the trolley and we took some family portraits before my cake arrived.

I gathered myself before the ceremony and our bridal party made their way down the aisle.


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  • You are so pretty. I think I tell you that every recap. But really. Ok, now that we have that covered.

    I wanted to rush down the aisle, too. It’s just so exciting!!

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