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Lovely Tonight: I Become a Bride

…Where were we? Oh yes, I was in the car with my mom and dad, on our way to The Sandpearl to meet my groom! Although we were stuck in holiday beach traffic, we managed to make it to the hotel…right as Justin pulled up to the valet. Drat.

Thankfully, I wasn’t fully dressed yet…but still. There went our first official look on our wedding day – gone in the blink of an eye. He, looking fabulous in his wedding day suit, and me…in my yoga pants, tank top, and wedding hair/makeup.

Oh well…forging ahead, I scurried up to the hotel room that Justin and I would be returning to later that evening. There, I reunited with this lovely frock:

Ah, the lovely lace details…

My shoes, handbag, and perfume were also waiting patiently for me…

Side note: I know that many brides out there spend hours shopping for the perfect wedding shoes and handbag to accessorize with on the wedding day. I am here to tell you that I already owned both of these beauties. I purchased my pretty blue pumps about two years ago, and had worn them a number of times previously. One day when I looked in my closet, I realized that they could be the perfect fit for my wedding day attire. And – they were already broken in! Double awesome! As for the handbag, I purchased it on a family trip to London. I am in love with the beaded, vintage inspired details on it. That, and it was bigger than a clutch, so I was able to fit more into it comfortably! In the end, the bag sat in the holding room at our venue for the entire reception, so no one really saw it much! So, my advice to you brides-to-be out there would be to raid your closet for existing items that could work into your wedding day; you never know – you might find something amazing!

Around this time, my amazing florist Debbie stopped by the hotel to drop off the flowers. If you recall, I had already previewed the bouquets earlier in the week, and they were just as gorgeous on the wedding day! My peonies, garden roses, seeded eucalyptus, and rosemary were absolute perfection. Sigh…

It was time for mom to assist me into the dress…

I had to make sure to hold up “the ladies…”

Then began the somewhat painstaking process of fastening the snaps as a finishing touch…

As this was going on, my dad was adjusting his tie…

I followed him into the bathroom…you know…to check out how good my butt looked.

Then it was time to go downstairs to meet my groom! On our way, we happened to run into some kids who had been enjoying the beach that afternoon. I was quite the sight to see, so they had to stop and watch me pass by!

*All photos courtesy of Pilster Photography

Next up on our wedding day agenda – Justin and I see each other (again) for the first time…this time in my pretty white dress!


The girls got ready, then the guys got ready


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  • I did the same thing with my shoes – by accident though. I’d bought them to have dyed for a BM dress when I was in a friend’s wedding – only to find out too late (ie: after the rtn date) they couldn’t be dyed. LOL

  • The lace on your dress is unreal. Love it! Wearing shoes you already own is SUCH a great idea. Even though I *thought* I broke in my shoes, they still did major damage.

  • You and your dress are so gorgeous!! I love that you have a picture of those kids staring at you – I rode in an elevator w/ 5 or so teenagers and my bridesmaids on my way to our first look, but they were annoying, not cute.

    I second Em’s comment about the shoes! Mine were flats, but they still tore up my heels! Ugh, so painful.

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