Our Wedding

Lovely Tonight: Before the Ceremony

Ok, where were we? I was distracted by my cake for a moment there…

Anyway, as I was busy drooling and staring in awe at my beautiful cake, my lovely bridesmaids looked on…

Meanwhile, our amazing florist Debbie (from The Bride’s Bouquet) was putting the finishing touches our our ceremony decor. Everything was looking gorgeous!

I had a feeling that guests would begin to trickle in soon, so I gathered my ladies and headed upstairs to hide out!

Our little nephew J decided to join the ladies upstairs too! How adorable is his outfit?

My hair and makeup artist, Donna, met us at Carlouel to touch up my makeup and make sure my hair was in place.

Then…I made a quick trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I would have hated to have bad breath for that first kiss as husband and wife!!!!!

Meanwhile, Justin and the groomsmen were downstairs waiting for our guests to arrive. However, GM J thought this was a perfect opportunity to catch a few winks…

Then…the trolley arrived with many of our guests in tow and everyone began to trickle in to our ceremony site.

Ringbearer I took the opportunity to watch some boats sail by the large picture window in our “waiting room.”

Once all of our guests had arrived, our DOC Kyle came upstairs to inform is that it was go time! I’ll admit, up until this point I had been relatively cool as a cucumber. However, once the reality hit me that it was time to walk down to our WEDDING ceremony, I began to feel the wings of a hundred tiny butterflies fluttering on the inside of my stomach wall. I took a deep breath and slid my shoes back on…

And, of course, I checked my makeup in the mirror one last time.

Like little ducks in a row, my ladies and I processed out of the waiting room to meet up with the rest of the bridal party downstairs.

It was at ths time that I remember chattering away to MOH L about the sudden rush of emotions I was experiencing. I know that many brides get nervous at the thought of standing in front of so many people during their ceremony…that wasn’t the case. Also, I know that some people get nervous right before the ceremony because the reality of being married finally hits them. Again, not me. I couldn’t have been more excited about being married to Justin. However, I was nervous about how everything was going to turn out. I had been planning this day for almost a year, and it was finally coming to fruition; there was no going back! Would the music be played at the right time? Was anyone going to stumble as they walked down the aisle? Were we going to forget something important? Well, there was one thing I WAS sure of: it was too late to worry about it now! So, it was time to go with the flow!

My bridesmaids were nice enough to help me out with my train as we walked through the venue and down the stairs.

I remember calling down from the top of the staircase to the people below: I wanted to make sure that the doors to our ceremony were closed and that all of our guests were inside before I finished my trek downstairs! We got the “all clear” and headed down the last few steps…

Everyone was waiting and ready to line up for the processional!

My grandparents were all looking fabulous..

DOC Kyle arranged us into lines according to the order we were to process…

Oh my goodness…everyone was ready to go! The big moment was almost upon us…

Up next – our ceremony [finally] begins!

*All photos courtesy of Pilster Photography*


The girls got ready, then the guys got ready.

I became a bride, but our first look wasn’t what I’d hoped.

We took some photos alone and then with our bridal party.

Everyone hopped on the trolley and we took some family portraits before my cake arrived.



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