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Lovely Tonight: An Early Morning Start

I woke up on my own…without an alarm…at around 6:00am. It was here – our wedding day. Gulp. I sat in my bed for a few minutes, reluctant to get up. It was a big day, was I really ready to get it started?

Well, there wasn’t too much time for me to contemplate this, because Donna (my lovely hair and makeup artist) was scheduled to arrive at 7:30am to set up her equipment for our 8:00am start time. I ran around the room, tidying up here and there. I checked my email; I checked the weather report; I set up my printer for some last minute copies.

At 7:30 sharp, my phone rang. Donna was on her way up to my suite! It was go time!

*All photos courtesy of Pilster Photography

I couldn’t resist the urge to take a quick peek at my dress…

We snuck downstairs to the hotel lobby to grab some breakfast to eat as we started our beautification process. When we walked into the lounge, I was surprised to see many of our guests eating there as well! There were a lot of hugs going around…

Then, it was time for step 1! Donna had expertly crafted a time line to prepare each of my ladies for the wedding day. First, we were adorned with beautiful helmets of hot rollers…

We sat with the hot rollers in our hair for as long as possible (about an hour for MOH L, BM A, and myself). Lucky for BM L and K, they didn’t require that! BM L did make me take some live action photos for her to Tweet though!

Of course, I still had things to do during the course of the morning…like writing my last post as a Miss for Weddingbee!!! Yep…I really did write it with a helmet of rollers on my head; I wasn’t joking!

Somehow, I also managed to find the time to hot glue some pinwheels to the back of our vows, and I printed BM L an extra copy of her reading for the ceremony.

In the meantime, the bridesmaids took a nap on my couch. Getting beautiful can be exhausting!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch! My dad brought us all some delicious subs to eat. And um…can you tell I was ravenous??? This is slightly embarrassing…

Afterward, Donna started the makeup process!

I was feeling beautiful, even with the hot rollers still attached to my scalp! Once Donna started letting my hair down, it was time to open my gift from Justin. He wrote me a lovely note in a card…

Then, I opened a rectangular box that contained a pearl bracelet. As a past Christmas gift, Justin bought me a pair of pearl earrings. Since then, I had joked that he would have to get me a bracelet to match. Now I have the set, and it matched my wedding day ensemble perfectly. He even had it sized to fit my insanely tiny wrists…extra points for him!!!

Lets get to the hair now, shall we?

I checked out my amazing makeup job as Donna whipped my hair back into a chignon.

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids started applying their makeup…

When my hairstyle was completed, it was time to put my hair flower in place. This required a trip to the large mirrors…and the opinion of everyone present as to the perfect placement!

At that point, we were running a few minutes behind schedule. I raced around the hotel room, collecting my belongings to bring with me to the Sandpearl, where Justin and I would be staying that evening…and also where I would be getting dressed before our first look! We ran downstairs to the cars and started driving towards the beach…but immediately got stuck in Memorial Day traffic. Blast you, beachgoers! Would we make it on time to our first look, or would my groom think that his bride had abandoned him on the wedding day???

Did your wedding day time line run according to schedule?


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