Our Wedding

Game Changer

Three years.

Wow – it is kind of hard to believe that such a game changing day in my life occurred three years ago. On one hand, the years have flown by; on the other hand, it seems like such a significant amount of time!

Three years ago, I went to the pet beach with Theo in the hopes that I’d run into a guy I’d met two weeks prior. He said he’d be returning, and I was hoping to meet up with him since our conversation had been pretty wonderful the first time (but he had wussed out and never asked for my phone number that day).

Luck was on my side that day, because he was there. And we talked again. After some hinting/suggesting, he asked me out to dinner that evening.

Ah, little did I know that I would be dining with my future husband that night. We met at Casa Ludovico and had a lovely dinner. We talked for hours; the staff at the restaurant was probably angry with how long we were at the table.

His outfit was a little dorky; I hadn’t started picking out his clothes yet…

I probably talked WAY too much. When I’m excited or nervous, I tend to babble incessantly. I really try to control this, but I always seem to fail miserably at it. Thankfully, he still liked me despite this.

After that evening, I never really looked back. Almost exactly 8 months later, we were engaged. And now: we’re married.

All because of a random meeting on the beach one day. And that first date.

Thanks for getting up the courage to ask me out, honey. I love you.

What did you do on your first date with your significant other (if you have one)? Was it a memorable event?


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  • yaay Happy Anniversary to you too! Our story from 3 years ago was that this was the day I took him to a wedding for a HS friend of mine. We had been friends for over a year, and the wedding was a turning point that changed our friendship into a love story.
    Engagement after 8 months is fast! People in the south get engaged so much sooner. All my friends that moved to Florida after college got married within a year! And all the friends that stayed in NY, are not yet married – even the ones that have been dating since college (8+ years!!). It’s kind of fascinating. Must be something in the water in FL, or maybe just the warm weather in general ;)Do you notice this with your friends?
    Regardless, Enjoy your day!

  • Oh my gosh, such a cute story!! I love the thought that a simple trip to the dog park can be so potentially life-changing! Congratulations on your three year anniversary!! Our story wasn’t such a twist of fate. I met Brandon at school when I was 13, we became friends, and we started dating by the time I turned 16. And now it’s been almost 7 years! 🙂

  • Aww, how sweet! I met my husband at a random after-work happy hour, 4 1/2 years ago. I thought he was a huge dork but he called me two days later and wasn’t into games and made me LAUGH a lot. We were married six months ago. Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary! Our 8 year dating anniversary is in December – Our first date was just dinner and hanging out at a friend’s, but it was perfect. I always love hearing about other couples that still remember/celebrate their dating anniversary!

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