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How to verify your website on Pinterest, for those of us who aren’t tech geniuses!

Did you see that Pinterest is now allowing you to verify your website?

Yep. You can get a nifty little red check mark on your Pinterest profile to show you’re legit…and your full website URL will be displayed on your Pinterest profile (as opposed to the little globe symbol that you typically see). So, how do you get verified, you ask? Well, I spent 30 minutes this morning trying to figure it out, since the instructions on Pinterest are pretty darn vague unless you’re a tech whiz (I am not). And…I must add that this only works for top level sites, so if you have a blog that isn’t self hosted, it won’t work…at least not at the current time.


It’s a quick process that will only take you a few moments. I PROMISE!

1. First, go to your Pinterest profile and in the top right hand corner drop-down, select “Settings.” Scroll down to where your website is listed (or if you don’t have it there already, fill that out) – it will prompt you to verify your site there.

2. Pinterest will provide you with 3 steps to complete. First, click to download the HTML verification file to you computer. Keep this window open, since you’ll need to go back to it at the end.

3. The second step on Pinterest’s instructions is where it gets vague. Um…upload to your web server? What does that mean? Don’t worry – I figured it out for you all who aren’t familiar with uploading to your web server at the root folder. Don’t go to your website, go to your web HOST. Once you log on to your account, visit your control panel, and click over to your FTP File Manager…what it looks like on various hosts may look slightly different…but this is what mine looks like!


4. Under the File Manager tab, you’ll see a number of options. Make sure the “Upload File” tab is selected, then click “Browse” to locate and select the HTML file you downloaded from Pinterest in Step 2. Load it, and you’re ready to go!

5. Return to the Pinterest page where you downloaded the HTML file. You’ve now completed the first two steps…all you need to do is click “Verify…”

6. Voila! Your website is now verified on your Pinterest page! Easy peasy.

So, have you verified your website on your Pinterest page?

And….if you’d like to follow my Pinterest boards, here’s a link to my profile!


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  • Oooh, thanks for the tip! I just verified!
    Just wanted to share a tip of my own: Cyberduck is a free FTP client you can download, and it allows you to drag files from your desktop onto your server, instead of browsing through the control panel on the web. It’s awesome! 🙂

    • Cool – I hadn’t heard of that before! This was the first time I actually needed to upload files to the server…I wonder how often I should be doing that? Sometimes I wonder if I’m just really dumb with blogging, even though I think I know about things! Haha!

  • All of this is so above my head but I would love to verify my site on Pinterest. I attempted to log into my GoDaddy account but couldn’t so I called support. They then told me that since my account is registered through Google Apps I would have to log in there. I tried that too but cannot for the life of me find the area that I’m supposed to upload the file to.
    So 45 minutes later I’m still unverified with Pinterest and frustrated.
    More coffee please!

  • Hi Katie,

    Thanks a lot for the steps to verify my site on Pinterest!

    Those guys should be having something easier like a small metatag or script to add your site, right from the dashboard.

    I did it directly in the cPanel and finally after verifying the site, I deleted this file, I don’t like having odd files in my server 🙂



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